Kitchen Stories: A Well Deserved Kitchen

HR5A6365 Today I wrapped up #projectparkside with a client that I will truly miss working with. She waited a long time to remodel her kitchen and if anyone deserves a new place to cook it is her! Her children have  food allergies that require her to prepare almost all of her meals at home. Do you hear that folks...she has to cook almost everything, so no more complaining like I do most nights when I am cooking dinner! This mom takes so much pleasure in preparing meals  for her family that it makes me want to cook like that again for mine. She inherited the original kitchen that was dark and had outdated formica and linoleum floors. Since she does spend so much time in this space, the current layout of the island made her feel like she was isolated. The job called for a total gut and the only thing that we saved was the microwave! Her wish was to have a light and bright blue and white kitchen that  included a range with two ovens. She also wanted tile floors and resisted my attempts to have her run hardwoods through it. I am glad she stuck to her vision, because we found a pretty fabulous hex tile that warms this beautiful kitchen. The kitchen is not a large space so we partnered with CKS to make it as efficient as possible with some extra hidden storage space.

This client was pure joy to work with and we had so much fun!  She is so full of positive energy and always tries to find the humor or bright spot in any situation. I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity to work with her and her lovely family.

All pictures by the amazing Anna Routh Photography!




After: HR5A6345



Close up of the new gorgeous Thermador range HR5A6407


New fridge, dishwasher and stainless steel farmhouse sink and cookbook storage center...which is more navy then it appears!


Hidden extra storage





New hardware


Cheers to #projectparkside! HR5A6372