"Beautiful" Book Giveaway



One of my favorite designers and bloggers, Mark Sikes,  came out with his first book "Beautiful" recently and it is a real gem! His passion for blue and white and natural materials speaks to my heart. It is a wonderful coffee table book that has so much detail in every picture that you discover something new every time you open it.  He designed the last two Reese Witherspoon stores, Draper James, and they are  stunning..so stylish yet warm and welcoming just like someone's home.  I pre-ordered it before it before it came out  and in my excitement must have ordered it twice!  Instead of sending it back, I have decided to give it away and share Mark's vision and  amazing talent and style. All you have to do is subscribe to  my Design Journal posts and like or comment on my Instagram or Debra Zinn Interiors Facebook page to be included in the drawing!  We will pick a lucky winner at the end of the week.


Draper James





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