Mixing High and Low, Old and New



Last week at this time, I was in Atlanta attending my Mastermind Design  group with Tobi Fairley  and had the opportunity to hear the design philosophies  of Brian Patrick Flynn and one of my top design idols, Suzanne Kasler. Suzanne and Brian are about as different as you can imagine but equally inspiring.  Suzanne was so warm and welcoming and shared her love of antique shopping with us.  Brian is one of the funniest people I have ever met and is literally brimming with energy. His stories about how he rolls around in bed before bedroom photo shoots to give  linens that perfect  lived in look had us rolling on the floor!  One thing Brian and Suzanne did have in common was their common practice of having high and low  and antiques and modern pieces in one space. These different elements keep a room interesting and stop it from looking like a showroom or model home. I personally love mixing these design elements into my own spaces. It is what gives a space personality and makes it personal to you.










Brian Patrick Flynn mixing new and industrial pieces Flynnside Productions