Outdoor Inspirations: Gravel Pathways

Patina FarmBrooke Giannetti's enchanting Patina Farm

Velvet and Linen

As much as I love designing interiors for clients, I am completely obsessed with landscaping.  Curb appeal can be instantly transformed with beautiful  gardens, mature trees and shrubbery.  I can only dream of having landscaping like Brooke Giannetti's  Patina Farm, above.  Her home, gardens and outbuildings on her property are amazing. It is newly built, but because they designed their home around mature trees it has a sense that it has been there for a long time.  Visit her gorgeous blog Velvet and Linen to see her home that she and her architect husband Steve  built.

I love how they have gravel pathways all around the house.  Gravel gives  a relaxed charm to gardens. Gravel also gives you the ability to create wide and narrow paths and not stick to a specific outline.  I grew up in Florida where the landscaping is lush and tropical.  I had a tiny garden outside of my bedroom window with a gravel pathway and hibiscus bushes.  Even though a road was not far from my window, it was like a little hidden secret garden. Right now I am scheming up some ideas for my own secret side yard garden complete with a gravel pathway.


I loved this gravel side garden at The Sanctuary in Kiawah Island where we stayed for spring break.




The stone edging and steps that integrate with the gravel in this villa is beautiful. I showed my husband's company landscaper this gorgeous inspiration photo and told him the plants, trees and shrubs that I liked and he kind of chuckled knowing what my husband would think ...$$$$$$.


Velvet and Linen

I really love the landscaping in the front of my house that my sweet friend Shelley Cook from the Carolina Garden Company installed.  I was going for New England charm with stone walls, pathways and hydrangeas to complement my shingle house.




My favorite time of year is when my viburnum trees blossom in my yard!




Unfortunately, the rest of my landscaping does not look like the front of my house.  Here is a tight shot of my side yard when I was unsure of what I wanted to do and stopped.




In reality this is what I really have to work with....my poor neighbors!!! I became paralyzed with what I should do and the final result is...nothing!





I am working on a design that will have a gravel pathway  and hope that I can have it  installed it in the fall.  I'll keep you posted!  In the meantime, I will keep dreaming that I can come up with something as charming as Patina Farm. IMG_0681_r[1]