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In the spirit of how we receive information these days, I am introducing a new series of "quick hit" topics. It will give me an opportunity to share things that I really enjoy. Sometimes I want to write briefly about something I love but don't want to write a whole post about it.  So here it is....  



I have been taking a lot of long weekends this summer to look at colleges with my oldest son and we have been having so much fun visiting many towns and cities together.  It is a sweet moment that I am savoring knowing that this time next year he will not be living with me full-time anymore.  We were in Philadelphia this weekend and enjoyed a delicious dinner at Oyster House, a Philly institution.  Besides the delicious oysters, I really loved  the space.  It had the spirit of an older restaurant without looking tired and worn.   Painted white brick, to the ceiling subway tile, old fisherman lights and large floor to ceiling windows gave the space lots of character.



I loved the refined millwork with the rough painted white brick and the charming vintage oyster plates that hung on the wall.  It goes to show you that timeless design is always a winner!


Speaking of winners, Acme in Carrboro rarely disappoints.   I decided to "cut back"  on my meals after really enjoying my summer vacations.  August is a great time to eat fresh and healthy foods because almost every restaurant has the most amazing tomato plates on their menu.  One of my favorites has been the heirloom tomato plate at Acme  that comes with a creamy deviled egg on the side.  I eat about half of it and I am totally satisfied and don't feel deprived at all. You must try it before tomato season ends!





I did sneak a piece of their scratch-made skillet cornbread.   It was amazing...just a piece won't hurt too much!





And finally, we are putting the final touches on one of my kitchen renovations...a custom bulletin board in the desk area and new light fixtures are getting installed next week.  I can't wait to see  how these look over the island!




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With gratitude, Debra




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