Roman and Williams

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I  am doing a pretty extensive re-design of my own home right now  and I am really pushing myself to go out of my box and try something new.  I decided to try a softer, fresh and more feminine scheme.   In general, I've always designed my own home in a  moody and slightly masculine palette since I find it to be  warm and cozy.  I think I am really regretting my decision to go with an airy and  light décor.   I keep seeing  pictures on Instagram  from the Roman and Williams Guild in New York City that  stop me  in my tracks.  These  images  make me realize this is truly the look that is close to my heart.    I  just love everything about these spaces.

La Mercerie, the cafe at the RW Guild. Photo by Adrian Gaut


Roman and Williams is one of my favorite design firms. Every time I see their work, I want to move right into that room.  The husband and wife team were  set designers in Hollywood, and I think that experience made them  exceptionally in tune with what a  space should feel like, not just look like.  On a movie set, the audience has to believe that a beach house is really a beach house even though it may be a sound stage in Brooklyn.    They  try to create a story for each space so it has a well-defined personality. They are master mixers... high and low, old and new, with different eras of furniture and pieces  expertly  added  in.   I love going into spaces that take you can feel like you are in a French café even if you are far from it.


The lovely bar and murals at Le Cou Cou in New York City,  Roman and Williams



Brooklyn Townhouse,  Roman and Williams



Exterior of Greydon House, where new and old are blended, Roman and Williams


The very charming Greydon House Porch on Nantucket,  Roman and Williams


I think this kitchen is just perfection!  Goop Pop-Up shop in New York,  Roman and Williams


They do "pretty" well too! Goop Pop-Up NYC Roman and Williams


  The greenhouse from the movie set, Practical Magic. The set was so beautiful and realistic that Barbra Streisand called to ask where it was because she was interested in buying it! Roman and Williams








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